The Family Table

The Family Table combines three of my favourite things in life – food, people and learning! My background is in Human Resources & Training but my love of food has taken over and brought me to where I am today.

The #1 reason why I started The Family Table is to “bring people together”. Modern life keeps us so busy and it is so important to find different ways to spend quality time with those you love and most of the time it involves food. We love creating an environment for new memories to be shared and made.

Our region is filled with an abundance of producers and suppliers who are passionate about not only what they do but they also love seeing their produce end up on your plate. We showcase the best seasonal and local produce in our innovative Cooking Experiences at some of the best locations in and around our beautiful region. The Family Table also provides catering for weddings and events and dinner parties.

Our customer base has been developed through getting to know our followers through our Facebook page and interacting with them wherever possible. We are always asking our followers and customers for new ideas and use their feedback to shape our business going forward. Word of mouth has also been a huge part of gaining more customers.

It’s not until you stop and really have a look at just how much incredible local produce is available in our region that you really see the full potential of what you can do with this, particularly in a food business. The GWFN is something that I fundamentally believe in and I am incredibly glad to be a part of this organisation. It gives me the ability to get to know the incredible producers but to also help to educate everyone, young and old, about the importance of supporting local producers and also showcasing how incredibly easy it is to eat and shop in season.

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