Alexes Marshman


Alexes lives with her husband Phil and their three children on small block of land near Sarina where they farm goats and grow a vast Permaculture designed food forest.

Alexes grew up on a cattle station where she developed a deep love for farming and observing the beauty of the land. She travelled and lived in Europe and later Canada coming to learn how Australians, particularly those who live in Northern Queensland, have missed out on some of the cultural benefits that come with old traditions centred around the food, how it is grown, produced and eaten.

This formed the basis of Alexes and Phil’s dream to develop spaces which promote and cultivate the growth of artisan food and homemaking culture though human beings inherent capacity and desire to be artisan’s creators and connectors with each-other and the land they live on.

Alexes first came across the Permaculture early in this journey finding that it fit seamlessly into the development of this local culture. In 2015 they opened Third Ground Coffee House and now have quite a few projects on the proverbial stove-top, including but not limited to, a thriving café culture where you are guaranteed to get a coffee and conversation worth the outing, a local and very authentic home-grown food swapping and selling group with the huge potential to grow into a food CSA (community supported agriculture) project, a community garden based on the principles of Permaculture, innovative and inspiring workshops, documentary film nights, music sharing and learning, local garden working-bee groups, even a pizza oven!

They are firmly grounded in the belief as we face increasing changes in our climate and society it is relationships formed around lasting friendship and the sharing of livelihoods where the ability to thrive in any future scenario will be formed.